Informacion i pergjithshem

Informacion i pergjithshem

Hospital Plodnost- Bitola
Private Hospital for Gynaecology and Obstetrics
IVF Center for Reproductive Medicine

Headquarters: 9 Asnom Street, Bitola

Director: Prim. D-r Tashe Trpchevski


Tel: +38947208880; mob: +38975472503

Website address:

Hospital Activity

Gynecology and Obstetrics private hospital “PLODNOST”, specialist-consultative and hospital health activity in gynecology and obstetrics is performed, with Decision no. 10-5308 / 10 until 04.11.2011, at the Ministry of Health.

Hospital Departments

The hospital has 14 wards:

  • Department 1: Gynecology and Obstetrics – Labor wards
  • Department 2: Operating rooms, Central sterilization and Day Hospital
  • Department 3: Anesthesia, Resuscitation and Intensive care
  • Department 4: Neonatology and Pediatrics
  • Department 5: IVF Center for Assisted Human Reproduction
  • Department 6: Radiodiagnostics
  • Department 7: Ambulances
  • Department 8: Biochemical Laboratory
  • Department 9: Hospital Pharmacy
  • Department 10: Administration
  • Department 11: Technical Maintenance Service
  • Department 12: Hygiene, Laundry and Ironing
  • Department 13: Cafeteriа
  • Department 14: Molecular Laboratory 

A leading team of specialists

Hospital Plodnost has many leading specialists. Our staff consists of a team of renowned doctors-specialists in gynecology and obstetrics, specialists in neonatology and paediatrics, specialists in anesthesiology and resuscitation and a specialist radiologist, four of whom have obtained the title Primarius.

The hospital also has a team of highly specialized nurses in their fields.

The hospital continuously invests in constant upgrading and education of its employees.


The hospital has 13 hospital beds, distributed in 13 single rooms that are air conditioned and have their own bathroom, 1 apartment with two hospital beds, 2 operating rooms, a room for intensive care and resuscitation. Newborn reception room, 3 incubators and 1 transport incubator, 4 bartenders and 11 cots. Two delivery rooms are equipped and working. There are two rooms for IVF fertilization in the IVF department.

The specialist consultation is performed in four gynaecological-obstetric surgeries related to a nurse room. A CTG device is placed in one of the ambulances. One practice is for X-ray diagnostics. There is also a separate room for a day hospital, with a gynecological office and an intervention room. Hematology and biochemistry laboratory, molecular laboratory, hospital pharmacy and many other ancillary rooms.

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Services: List of services by departments can be viewed HERE (individually for each department)

Plodonost Logo

ISHP Spitali PLODNOST Manastir

Plodonost Logo

ISHP Spitali PLODNOST Manastir

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Spitali Plodnost gjendet në rr. ASNOM nr. 9 (në rrugën Lavçanska e njohur si Lavci). Për udhëzime deri te spitali jonë, klikoni në linkun e poshtëm.

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