Mission, Vision and Values


Hospital Plodnost provides comprehensive care for all general gynecological problems. The hospital offers diagnostic, biochemical and radiological services, as well as services in the IVF department, childbirth, prenatal and postnatal care, care for newborns and specialized advice in the field of women’s health, at the level of secondary and specialist-consultative health care. The top professional medical team, offering health services according to world standards, by applying the most modern medical technology and the latest methods of work, provides patients with the best quality and efficient health service.
Excellent cooperation between the patient and the doctor is the key to a good result from the treatment or examination. This approach of the team of the “Fertility” Hospital gives a sense of acceptance, safety and security to patients, which is a crucial factor and an unbreakable link for the rapid recovery of patients and the health of their children.


hospital Plodnost is a multidisciplinary and modern hospital, where the staff fully focuses on the patient. The hospital, constantly improving its quality of work with new state-of-the-art equipment and constant upgrading of its staff, is already a regional leader, as evidenced by the constant growth of patients from all cities in the region and beyond. In the future, the only commitment remains – striving to remain a leader in the region and beyond, by applying the most modern preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic methods and achieving the highest level of expertise and quality in the services provided. In this way, the hospital will remain committed to the patients’ demands for them to receive the necessary medical care and attention.


The main goal of PHI Special Hospital “Fertility” is to provide the best possible protection at the level of world standards for their own patients. This is realized by constantly improving the quality of health services at all levels, as well as by introducing the most modern diagnostic and therapeutic methods. This increases the efficiency, by improving the professionalism and quality of treatment of our patients and their children, in a kind and friendly environment.

Values and Principles

Patient care
Patients are at the center of all activities of the institution, and the staff is focused on the quality of services, patient safety and their safety in providing health care. Patients’ rights are respected in the “Fertility” Hospital, in the absence of any form of discrimination and implementation of justice.

The set standards for quality health care and their daily application, prove the commitment of the staff in improving the quality of services, safety and patient satisfaction.

Improving communications
The hospital applies constant updates of modern information and communication technology, in order to be more accessible to patients and to bring its services closer to the public, using modern communication forms and offering information to the media.

“Plodnost” Hospital has on its website all the necessary data for the patients for its work, staff, which fully meets the requirements of the Law on Free Access to Public Information. It is available electronically via e-mail address and in some social networks, which meets the requirements for accountability and transparency to its patients.

Top technical and medical equipment
Hospital Plodnost constantly monitors the innovations in medical technology and for the needs of its patients regularly procures equipment according to the most modern world standards, from renowned manufacturers. In this way, it keeps up with the world innovations and medical achievements.

Social responsibility
Hospital Plodnost largely applies the principle of social responsibility. So far, on several occasions with donations or practical application, she has helped in treatments, progress of cultural development, social upgrades, etc.

Continuous monitoring of the improvement of the quality of our services through the accreditation process and other ways of monitoring the continuous improvement.

Responsible for complaints and complaints from patients is the Chief Nurse of the Hospital Plodnost Rebeka Aleksovska .

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ISHP Spitali PLODNOST Manastir

Plodonost Logo

ISHP Spitali PLODNOST Manastir

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