Quality Recognition

Verified and safe, with the awarded Accreditation for a period of the next five years, the Fertility Hospital and confirmed meets the requirements of standards and criteria, legally determined by the Agency for Quality and Accreditation of Health Institutions in the Republic of Macedonia.

Work according to European standards, with strictly established procedures, in which patient safety comes first. Using the latest medical technology, provided health services for patients and excellent care for newborns.

Hospital Plodnost is the first private hospital in the country to receive the Accreditation for the longest possible period, which is a confirmation of the quality of the work of the Fertility Hospital.

Entrust your future and the planning of your family, in the hands of the experienced and the best team at Hospital “Plodnost” Bitola.

Plodnost Akreditacija

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PZU Hospital PLODNOST Bitola

Plodonost Logo

PZU Hospital PLODNOST Bitola

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Hospital Plodnost is located at St. ASNOM no.9 (on the road to Lavchanska known as Lavci). For directions to our hospital click on the link below.

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