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Little Known Facts About Water Birth in Macedonia

Macedonia, a spectacular landlocked country, has made many revolutions in all fields of life and is advancing towards progress at a rapid pace. And medical evolution is no exception. In Macedonia, the rate of C-sections is 38%. With that said, health care professionals are introducing water birth to minimize the complications associated with C-sections. Talking about its reputed hospitals, PHI Hospital PLODNOST is worth mentioning when it comes to childbirth. As the pioneer in providing waterbirth services, it is the only hospital located in Macedonia that offers waterbirth delivery.

Water Birth in Macedonia- A Relaxing Modern Method

One of the amazing experiences that a woman is destined to feel is childbirth. Perhaps this natural action can bring forth some challenges for moms-to-be. Yet, the wonderful feeling of giving birth to a baby encourages the woman to face these challenges with a smile on her face and to welcome the newborn warm-heartedly.   

But the process of childbirth can become less stressful by modifying the environment. Luckily, we can modify the environment by providing warm water in a pool to carry out the delivery process. Fast forward today, several methods are practiced for giving the safest and best experience of childbirth to mothers. And water birth is the unique method chosen by many moms-to-be. In this modern method, the process of childbirth is carried out in a warm or lukewarm bath. If your gynecologist has recommended you water birth, you can choose the best hospital equipped with the latest technology that offers birthing pool service in Macedonia. Luckily, Macedonia has the PHI Hospital PlodNost that has adopted this process to make childbirth an easy process. PHI Hospital PLODNOST has a team of experts, a warm pool, and all the other facilities that you need for the water birth in Macedonia.

Facts about Water Birth in Macedonia

Less Stressful

We are all well acquainted with the fact that a fetus spends nine months in the amniotic sac. 

Since they are accustomed to aquatic environments, waterbirth makes it less stressful and gentle for babies to arrive in the world. Moreover, mothers do not need analgesia or epidural injection to combat the pain of childbirth.

Smooth Labour Contractions 

What’s better than experiencing softer labor contractions for a mother? Macedonia has licensed healthcare practitioners working at PHI Hospital PlodNost who aim to make waterbirth easier for mother and baby. The effect of gravity is counteracted and this makes it easy for mothers to give birth to neonates.

Mental and Physical Relaxation 

Since water provides a calming and relaxing experience, many women choose to give birth in water. Water makes them physically and mentally relaxed and this way they can better concentrate on the delivery process. 

Control Hypertension and improve Oxygen Supply

One of the major complications related to childbirth is high blood pressure. So water birth is great for lowering high blood pressure.

Their blood circulation improves and as a result, the uterine muscles get sufficient oxygen required for uterine contractions. It not only benefits mothers by decreasing their pain but also the baby can get more oxygen than he needs at the time of birth. 


Waterbirth includes the submersion of women in water to ease the delivery process and contractions. Macedonia is among those countries that have adopted this process and are contributing to improving women and child health in the best possible way.