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The Best Fertility Clinic: Questions to Ask Yourself

Choosing a fertility clinic near you can be an overwhelming process. There are so many questions, and you want to make sure that you find the best one for your needs. Not all clinics are created equal! In our blog post, we will discuss what you should look for when selecting a fertility clinic near you and we hope that you will select Plodnost Hospital for your fertility clinic needs. 


Where is the fertility clinic located? Is it near your home or work, and how easy will it be for you to get there once a week? If they are too far away from where you live then this may not be the best option. Sometimes it is worth the drive to find a fertility clinic with more experience and expertise.

If you live in an urban area, then there may be multiple clinics that are near you. However, if this isn’t your case then it will become much easier to narrow down which one would be best for you. Make sure they have office hours that work for you.

If there are multiple fertility clinics near where you live, then take a look on their websites to see if they list information about the types of conditions that each clinic deals with most often. If one specializes in your specific condition then it will be worth picking up the phone and giving them a call.

When looking for a fertility clinic, you are looking for a clinic that is near your home, has office hours that work around your lifestyle, and specializes in the condition you deal with.


The fertility clinic should offer services that are tailored to your needs. If you have specific questions, then make sure they can answer them with ease and knowledge.

There are some clinics that specialize in certain issues like male infertility or IVF. Make sure the fertility clinic near you offers what is necessary for the treatment of your condition. They will also need to have the proper equipment and resources for your treatment.

Some fertility clinics also offer support services like in vitro fertilization pre-screening or counseling, which will be beneficial for those who need a little extra help getting through this process.

Before you make an appointment with any clinic near you, make sure they can provide what it is that you need.

Cost and Payment Plans

The cost and payment plans can vary at every fertility clinic. There are some which offer a sliding scale fee based on your income, while others may have an all-inclusive pricing package.

I suggest that you do not just pick the first one that offers what is listed above but also consider their prices before making any appointments. The average price for a fertility clinic near you can range from $300-500 per month, which includes all treatments and medications.

Is there a payment plan available? If so, what are the terms of it like? You want to be able to afford treatment at your chosen fertility clinic while maintaining other aspects of your life as well. It is important that when looking for a fertility clinic near you, you consider the payment plans that are available.