Team work is the main feature of OARIL in the Hospital “Fertility” and offers state-of-the-art and high quality anesthesia services, using state-of-the-art equipment from world-renowned manufacturers. The department provides 24/7 hour specialist activity, according to the highest standards (ASA, ESA, ESRA).

The role of anesthesiologists in OARIL is multi-purpose and they perform several activities:

1. Consulting activity
It is usually realized during the first meeting in the anesthesiology clinic and includes:

  • Preoperative specialist and consultative anesthesiological examination,
  • Predanesthesiological evaluation of the health condition,
  • Preoperative preparation if needed,
  • Assessment of the condition and degree of anesthesia-operative risk (ASA),
  • Obtaining written consent to perform the operation under anesthesia.

2. Anesthesiological activity:

  • Outpatient anesthetics for surgical interventions and invasive diagnostic procedures,
  • General and regional anesthesia in a day hospital for surgeries that are resolved within 24 hours
  • Anesthesia for invasive procedures in the IVF center,
  • Anesthesia in operating room,
  • General anesthesia,
  • Regional anesthesia (SA, EDA, EDA-Spin-komb).

The following are practiced in the maternity ward:

  • Obstetric analgesia and anesthesia – using regional techniques (SA, EDA, EDA-Spin-komb) and walking epidural technique that allows mobility of the pregnant woman,
  • Painless delivery – an option offered to pregnant women.

3. Post-aesthetic supervision of the operated
In this unit, patients are treated directly in the postoperative and post-aesthetic period. Patients are under extensive monitoring of haemodynamics, respiratory, and other vital functions. Oxygen therapy, additional analgesia, vigilance are monitored, side effects of anesthesia are prevented. Here patients stay until the stabilization of vital functions.

4. Intensive Care Unit (EIL)
The team approach to work in EIL enables the treatment of patients who need special treatment due to endangered or impaired vital functions, regardless of the type of disease. EIL, the operating room, the obstetric ward and the neonatology ward are under a special regime for the implementation of the measures from the program for prevention of nosocomial infections.

5. Resuscitation
Resuscitation is one of the activities of anesthesiologists, who are trained in all resuscitation procedures for basic and advanced life support at all ages without exception.

6. Treatment of acute and chronic pain
One of the most important activities of the anesthesiologist is the suppression of pain in acute or chronic stage. Procedures and treatment are performed for operated and non-operated inpatients. Such services are offered to non-hospitalized patients in the day hospital.

Modern anesthesia methods allow painless operations. Anesthesia means the elimination of feelings. The anesthesia team monitors the patient’s blood flow, respiration, and other vital organs before, during, and after surgery. Doctors specializing in anesthesiology perform tasks in the operating room and the maternity ward, in the intensive care unit and in the chronic pain treatment department.

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